You can find everything the audio-heart desires among the menu item „Kostproben“. Excellent music productions which won the most renowned national and international creative-awards like Cannes Lions, ADC etc. Strong-selling and flashy commercials for tv, radio & film. Radio plays & experiences like the following productions, which were highly praised by professionals & the press: The media jungle. The world’s saddest song and it’s story. A crazy & tragic „cinema in the head“-like experience with the voices of Monty Python: Der Sinn der Pixel. High-end sound design and voices. A viral guerrilla-campaigne which went around the world: The LOVE PIRATES Radioshow. The music production, mastering, etc. also were awarded. Everything about music rights, volume in an ad break & „der gute Ton“: a funny animation which shows how flexible the voice of one & the same actor can be, if he is a very good actor and a professional voice talent. Accompany our sound designers and sound mixers when they go fishing and catch the most unusual sound recordings. An Eldorado for friends of the sound. Enjoy!

Quick Overview:
- recording studio munich, germany
- commercials for tv, radio & film
- quality voice recordings
- Professional voice actors: The best german voice talents and native speakers in nearly all languages. Ask for precise castings. Our database is very extensive.
- Professional sound design, jingles and outstanding audio branding.
- music production for tv-, movie-, radio-commercials & any form of musical setting. We also have license-free music in our repertoire.
- exclusive & produced sounds
- Every kind of dubbing
- voice over recordings
- aptx maya centauri
- Concept and text
- & exquisite musical direction

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