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Konen Department Store – Police Officer Dalton (Radio Spot)

Konen Department Store - Police Officer Dalton (Radio Spot)

Radio Spot Konen Department Store

Customer: Konen Department Store
Campaigne: Police Officer Dalton

Spot Text:
Speaker (male):
"I love you darling."

Speaker (female):
"I love you, too."

Speaker (male):
"I love you so..."

Radio anchorman:
"Attention! We interrupt our program to bring you a special message.
I have police investigator D. Wayne Dalton on the phone.
Officer Dalton, hello.“

Police Officer Dalton:
"Thank you very much.
This morning at approximately nine o’clock, a man broke into Konen department store on the Sendlingstreet and is still at large.
He is wearing a coat from Roberto Key-Valley, a suit from Versäcki, a sweater from Lei-costi, a shirt from Gatschei, sorry Gutschie a tie from Präääda, a baseball cap from ... a baseball cap from Armänei, jeans from Eivs Sänt Lorent, some Kaaarl Lägerfield socks, apparently a parfume vom Tschännel and a belt from either Christschen Deior or Rälf Loroooon, Wouroon, Roon, excuse me.
Who has seen this man? Relevant information can be given to any police department or to the Konen department store on the Sendlingstreet.
A word of warning: this man is dressed to kill!"

Radio anchorman:
"That was police investigator D. Wayne Dalton.
Many thanks."

Police Officer Dalton:
"Well don't mention it and you all take care, thank you!
Thank you from my side, too. Thank you, goodbye.
Your welcome."


Konen Department Store - Police Officer Dalton (Radio Spot)